When Di Raimondo's opened in November, 2002, we envisioned a European style market with hand-selected items primarily from Italy, including cheese, charcuterie, and grocery items sought out by home and professional cooks which were generally hard to find, such as San Marzano tomatoes, antique extruded pastas, and ingredients for Italian recipes. As time went by, we became known as "the Cheese Shop", and expanded our cheese case to include important cheeses from around the world. We evolved from an Italian Market to a world-class cheese shop. We do not carry hundreds of cheeses; rather, we specialize in the highest quality and most sought after cheeses in the world.

​Our focus is on imported and domestic cheeses, meats, breads, accoutrements, and imported market items that are generally hard-to-find. We walk our guests through our cheese selection in order to help with their choices of products to enhance parties, wine tasting, and picnicking in our beautiful wine country.